Hitachi Zaxis ZX 130, 170, 180, 200, 210, 250, 280 LCH-3


We can reprogram the working hours and reset servicehours in the Hitachi Zaxis ZX LC-3, for more info and prices please mail or call to our workshop.

This monitor is used in more types of the ZX -3 series, ZX130, ZX170W, ZX180, ZX200, ZX210, ZX250, ZX280 etc..



Part numbers: 4652262, 4631127-CR-I, 4653750-WH-I, 4653780-WH-I, HK0037-006, 4653750, 4653780, 4684077


Part numbers: X4631129, X4665567, 025F410000, 025F610000, PZX-WD-I CF 0500, PZX-I CF 0500